Evidence Developpement international


Our Difference

Evidence Development was born out of a passion: Operational Action: Acting in the field to meet clients and projects.

Our business: Commercial relationships: Selling, promoting, developing, purchasing, collaborating


Our specificity: Overseas and new markets

International relations, meeting new people, diversity is like second nature to me. A true Globe Trotter at heart, I am comfortable in an intercultural world. The desire to share, transmit, co build was too strong to resist. It was a huge aspiration, to live new experiences, meet new people, collaborate on new technologies and different sectors.
Openness is a guarantee of enrichment for all. I experienced it during effective collaborations and they were always so rich that I could not resist and this desire to undertake in it because ACTION is one of my CORE values.
That's how EVIDENCE was born.

The idea is based on proven results as Evidence of our added value to our customers.

The idea is based on proven results as Evidence of our added value to our customers.

Our Added Value: Development: Endowed with a high level of expertise in our jobs, the objective is to bring you an effective and immediate operational support enriched by various experiences. Our obsession is measurable results and outcomes for our clients.

Our expertise in human relations and collaborative work, as professional team and individual coach, 
Our ability to convince, our strength of proposal
bring additional experienced resources to these projects:

  • Business Development
  • International development
  • Development of purchasing savings
  • Relationship development and supply chain management
  • Project Development

Our missions are self-financed. We build together the foundations of your projects, we lead them and with you, we work to sustain action within your organization

Our Values:

Creating value: winning for our clients
Sharing and team work