I am not here by coincidence.

My story makes sense and I chose to be here!
Coming from a background of family owned business in arts & crafts, I immersed in work, solidarity, sales and the overseas at a fairly young age.

With a particular taste for foreign languages & culture (English, German, Spanish & Chinese), exploration of new territories has naturally been my priority. And finally, the industry sector seemed very obvious for me: Selling a product or a technical service for a commercial polyglot was a bigger challenge and therefore more attractive to me.

Today I want to contribute to the growth of companies, develop interactions, partnerships. At a time when geographical boundaries are no longer considered as barriers or difficulties, it seems essential to develop new collaborations, new businesses. As a native French speaker, I can provide you with the needed help to develop and maintain the right connections.

Originally, I started my career working for a 250 staffed company in a very technical product: the broadcast and cinema zoom (it is a production equipment that produces images).

My first action was to develop international markets: Starting with unexplored territories, it has become my strongest skill. I lived in the UK for 3 years, starting from scratch and with little means: a car, a phone (no laptop at the time!) and a computer. (And a paper map !!)

I started as "globetrotter" ending up as an expert in "Business Development". From the West (USA, Canada), to the Eastern Europe and as far as Asia, particularly China since I had skills in both English and Chinese.

Halfway through my career, I decided to take up a new challenge: a career change: I decided to become a Purchaser.

At the time, I was told: being a Purchaser is so much easier!!
I disagree. Professional purchasing isn’t just about organizing the supply chain, it is also about buying better. Purchasing has such an impact on profitability. It is immediate and the Purchaser must be multi skilled. They have to manage so many other skills : They interact internally with all functions of the company and outside, to coordinate the network of suppliers that complement the strengths of the company. Purchaser's actions are measured directly on result, cash, innovation, deadlines ....

I absolutely loved that period a lot! I learned to collaborate, discovered so many different technologies, I realized the importance of internal and external relationships for a company: They are the real strengths of a company. I found so much satisfaction in developing my ability to understand others, to cooperate and to work together as a team in order to progress and win together!
Winning alone is good, but winning together is much more rewarding and stimulating. Human beings are born to live in groups and I found complete fulfilment in this business of relations and interactions.

It is with such  conviction that I adopted the motto: if you want to travel fast, walk alone, but if you want to travel far, walk together.

And that's how I chose this new challenge, the obvious route to me : Creating my own company, for one sole purpose,THE one that has always motivated and guided me: CREATE business value.

Winning for my customers, boost teams with new opportunities and right connections, put my expertise and network on the table: I believe in the strength of win-win solutions.

Business owners are committed to the development and sustainability of their firms.
They often master perfectly well technical skills and have many good ideas, new projects , energy to share.

But very quickly they are caught up by field reality :

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of funding
  • Risk management

EVIDENCE is the solution. We demonstrate our abilities by proof. The idea is to start working as partners: we elaborate together the project strategy, goals and mutual input. EVIDENCE runs the operational part and will mostly be paid off on results (proof – EVIDENCE). Unique on the market, our solution enable to share our risks, funds for common and highest results.

Because I am convinced that exchange fosters growth, and enables to build opportunities, I set up a highly operational support model.

EVIDENCE DEVELOPPEMENT offers development solutions based on partnership logic that goes beyond the traditional ‘’customer-supplier’’ relationship. Our guideline is: the search for a win-win relationship

Our Evidence: We show our Added value by Evidence : Up to measurable and business oriented solutions adapted to your stakes and your constraints. Finally, most of our actions are self-financed and accessible to all.